The Face Beneath This Mask


Incident Report clip

This case is an oddity in Project (Oc)Cult, not because it’s any more (or less) uncanny than the rest – but because time and space are altered along with our conceptions of some truths. What is the truth in question here?  The self – its limitations, its manifestations, and its multiplicity.

There is no real “order” to these documents, but my little researchers have prioritized Amy Hampton’s transcribed recordings from her troubling sessions with Patient X (name redacted). All other relevant materials are linkedfrom within that entry; however, if you prefer a less linear route, feel free to Russian roulette your way through the mystery directly from this page:

Amy Hampton’s Recordings
Amy Hampton’s Notes
PI video
Autopsy Report
Final Police Report
Phone Call Record involving Hampton
The Face

Since this remains an open investigation, I invite you to join these students in their studies. Twins, doppelgangers, alter-egos…there’s a virtual treasure-trove of unexplored avenues here for the curious and the daring. Amy Hampton might be a good place for you to start – if she hasn’t gone the way of X, of course.


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P.S. Informal citations for the academically inclined