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Not recommended for those with Equinophobia.

The documents here are murky and you will find no resolution or clarity. The events that unfold in this collection center around a German student, Brigit Schmidt. In the span of a month, the personality presented through Schmidt’s writing entries shifts from carefree to frightened, from trusting to paranoid. Her online writing instructor, Miss Rebecca Hoover, quickly notes the change and thanks to her intervention, a missing person’s report was finally filed.

Curiously, the final object is an editor’s response to an “abandoned” manuscript left on his/her desk. Does this mean that what my students have collected here is merely a work of incomplete fiction? Is this the start of a new legend? Or is there a seed of truth buried beneath it all? If you can find the editor, or those affected by Pferd, I’m sure you’ll reach the answer – that is, if an answer is what you seek. My students agree that the barn might be a productive lead.


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Blood Splatter: