Case #288

Perhaps the (Oc)Cult case containing the least amount of reliable, factual evidence, the Α/Ω disappearances remain haunting in their ambiguity. We are left with more questions than answers. Secret societies? Ritualistic kidnappings? Brainwashing? Coded text? There is only one record (at the moment) detailing these events, a record painstakingly collected by my students. Though Ruth’s journal is poignant and clear, it offers very little in terms of substantive proof; add to this the two extra – nameless – commenters who left little clues as to their own identities…well, I’m sure you now realize the difficulties we face in uncovering the heart of this phenomenon.

For those who intend to follow in the footsteps of my student researchers, they leave you with these questions:

If this is #288, what were the cases before it and how many have been – are being – recorded after it? More importantly, are the other cases related to Α/Ω, or do they trace an infinite number of cosmic disturbances?


As always —

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