Week Date Assignment Due (on the listed date)

Unit 1: Reading Closely

1 TH 8/27 Introduction & Course Description
2 T 9/1 Emily Carroll’s “His Face All Red” and “Margot’s Room” ( Keep in mind that some are interactive comics)
TH 9/3 Simon Morley’s “Introduction” to The Sublime (available on Canvas)

“The Gothic Novel” (available on Canvas or

3 T 9/8 BLOG POST 1: Submitted through

Frankenstein: Author’s (not editor’s) Introduction & Volume One

TH 9/10


Frankenstein: Volume Two (Ch. I – V)

4 T 9/15 Frankenstein: Volume Two (finish)
TH 9/17


Frankenstein: Volume Three (Ch. I – III)

 Unit 2: Information Literacy 
5 T 9/22 BLOG POST 2: Submitted through

 Frankenstein: Volume Three (finish)

TH 9/24


Gilbert & Gubar’s “Horror’s Twin: Mary Shelley’s Monstrous Eve” (Canvas or

(Paper 1 Peer Review Day. Completed draft required)

6 T 9/29

SHORT PAPER 1: Submitted through Canvas

House of Leaves: Foreword and Introduction (take a close look at the cover and front flap images)

TH 10/1


HoL: The Navidson Record (Ch. I-IV)

Useful resource:  

7 T 10/6 HoL: The Navidson Record (Ch. V-IX)
TH 10/8  HoL: The Navidson Record (Ch. X)
 Unit 3: Finding Context
8 T 10/13


HoL: Appendix II, E “The Whalestoe Letters” (use internet resources to decode)

HoL: The Navidson Record (Ch. XI-XIV) 

TH 10/15 HoL: The Navidson Record (Ch. XV-XVII)
9 T 10/20  HoL: The Navidson Record (Finish) 
TH 10/22


HoL: Look through all the paratext including “Exhibits,” “Appendix I, II, and III,” etc. (how does this affect your reading of the text?)

Hemingway’s “Hills Like White Elephants” (Canvas)
(Will be paired with “I Must be God” by I_wear_flannel in class

10 T 10/27  Short Paper 2 Proposal: Mandatory Conferences
TH 10/29


BLOG POST 3: Submitted through

Visit,, or any other creative writing sharing subreddit; pick one submission you believe would represent our course

11 T 11/3

 SHORT PAPER 2: submitted through Canvas

(It Follows Day)

 Unit 4: Putting It All Together 
TH 11/5 Nic McCool’s {Smile} (also known as the “alphabet series” on Reddit. Read all parts)

Matt Dymerski’s Portal in the Forest (read all parts)

(It Follows finale)

See This File for optional nosleep recommendations

12 T 11/10


Frasca’s “Simulation vs Narrative” (canvas)

BioShock: Play through “Welcome to Rapture,” “Medical Pavillion,” “Neptune’s Bounty”

TH 11/12


BioShock: Play through “Smuggler’s Hideout,” “Arcadia”

13 T 11/17 Schulzke’s “The Critical Power of Virtual Dystopias”

BioShock: Play through “Farmer’s Market”

TH 11/19


BioShock: Play through “Arcadia Revisited” 

14 T 11/24

OPTIONAL REVISION, Short Paper 2: Submitted through Canvas

BioShock: Play through “Fort Frolic”

15 T 12/1


Blog Post 4: Submitted through

(since this is your last post, I expect something epic!)

Watch “Video Game Culture & Anarchy”

TH 12/3 (Drafting the Final Essay Day)
End T 12/8 FINAL CRITICAL ESSAY: submitted through Canvas by 5pm


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