Further Reading

This page contains a list of annotated sources collected by the students of this course.

For Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (1818, 1831)

Electricity/Galvanism (oalandry and tylynn9) + PowerPoint
Film adaptations (mmwilliams1 and spencerj123) + PowerPoint
Video Game adaptations (coltonwadedempsey and ngarcia96)

For House of Leaves by Mark Z Danielewski (2000)

Decoding House of Leaves (haleyalxnder and zguang) + PowerPoint
The Whalestoe Letters (brookeborglum and nightwriter15) + Presentation PDF
Poe’s Haunted
(dominykasbytautas and shanemichaelgordon) + PowerPoint

For r/nosleep

Online Community Fiction (cecimoff and chrisdubos)

For BioShock by 2K Boston

Video Game Genres (griffinhanson and harleyquinntwinn) + PowerPoint
Modern Game Culture Debates (venusgrace17 and lereynolds1996)
Video Games and the Power of Narratives (thehumbleoscar and ironreaver)

For the Wrap-Up

An Overview of Horror and the Occult (lilicecilia and patriciaoldani) + PowerPoint

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