House of Leaves and Poe (dominykasbytautas and shanemichaelgordon)

Parker, Bridgette. “Haunted Goth-Pop.” Inception. 2005. Web. 20 Oct. 2015. <;.

This article mostly talks about Poe’s album Haunted and how it relates to her family’s past and as well as her brother’s book, House of Leaves. It informs that after their father passed away, they found a box of cassette tapes full of recordings of their father speaking. Poe uses samples of these tapes throughout her album and directly references her dad’s death in the song “Exploration B”. The article also continues by mentioning some direct correlations between Haunted and House of Leaves, such as using a song titled “5 and a ½ Minute Hallway” and many other similarities.

Peraino, Judith Ann. “Flights of Fancy.” Listening to the Sirens : Musical Technologies of Queer Identity From Homer to Hedwig. Berkeley: U of California, 2006.

Judith Peraino identifies and analyzes how music has been throughout history in shaping society and traditional roles, as they relate to gender and sexuality. At the same time, she makes specific references to different types and forms of music, breaking down the structure to show how harmonies, chordal structures and instrumentation work in bringing together the ideas of the artist. The referenced section, Flights of Fancy, focuses on power and its use within music, whether from hearty, bravado vocalizations to underutilized approaches to traditional instruments (such as the piano and violin). By bringing in references to modern day rock songs (like Bohemian Rhapsody) and comparing them to older-time operas, Periano makes it easy for the reader to see the similarities between the works and their respective themes.

Poe. Haunted. Poe. Rec. 31 Oct. 2000. Poe, 2000. CD.

The album, Haunted, was recorded and produced by Poe (Anne Danielewski) and released on October 31, 2000. The album is a tribute to her father and connected to her brother Mark Danielewski’s book House of Leaves. The album addresses themes such as death, loss, fear, feeling lost, and a multitude of others. The album is to be viewed as a soundtrack to House of Leaves, with both publications even featuring the same images inside of them.

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