Project (Oc)Cult

This page archives the  impressive results of tireless research and studies. For months, my enterprising students have delved into the strange, the uncanny, and the mythic, uncovering the cyclical narratives that bind (and blind) our perceptions of reality. They have done their best to not only present you with our most interesting set of cases, but to provide you with all the tools necessary to continuing their investigations.

You may browse, click, discuss, and/or ignore these discoveries in any order that you prefer. If, my dear reader, you find it more convenient to proceed directly from this page, I have taken the liberty of listing the various cases – along with their respective scholars – below for your convenience.

Redacted Anthology
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face beneath this mask [but it isn’t me]
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Boris Burglaries
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Case #288: Α/Ω
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What these student-researchers have come to realize is that there is so much more to life than what we experience and understand as individuals. To appreciate and truly explore the world(s) around us, we must be open to alternative paths and alternative communities that exist on the fringes of our awareness. Ultimately, we must recognize that truth and reality can be as flexible as the minds that dream them.


Welcome to Project (Oc)Cult.


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Proceed to Project (Oc)Cult: Meta Discussion only if you’d like to read about the academic (course-related) side.






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