Redacted Anthology: Coroner’s Report

Coroner’s Report


Patient Name: [REDACTED]

Patient Age: ██

Location: █████████, Texas

Date: 10/14/20██

Cause of Death: Unknown


Notes: Patient is a male of age ██. Height is 6 feet 2 inches, weight is 210 pounds. Patient’s cells appear to be in a state of advanced necrosis considering the time of death reported to be less than 48 hours past. Skin exhibits a deep pallor common among cadavers that have been expired for extended periods of time. The patient did not exhibit any external wounds indicative of the cause of death, but internal organs appeared to have ceased function long before the patient expired. Samples were taken of the patient’s blood and spinal fluid to investigate for clues as to what may have caused his death. Analysis of the blood revealed little, although the presence of [REDACTED]; however, the patient’s spinal fluid contained a formerly unknown prion, the structure of which was many times more complex than any seen before. Further testing of the prion is underway to determine what effects it may have had on the patient and to test for its virulence. See Addendum 01-A for further details. Of note was that the patient underwent several bouts of reinvigorated brain activity during autopsy. These caused sporadic movement in the extremities and rapid movement of the eyes, including extreme dilation of the pupils. These spasms occurred twice, the first of which lasted roughly 30 seconds and the second lasting almost a full minute. It was after this that the brain was removed for testing, and from that point no further spasms were noted. Samples were taken from the patient’s stomach and found to include the flesh of █████████. Samples were sent to the lab for further analysis.


Addendum 01-A: After extensive testing, it was determined that the prion discovered in the patient’s spinal fluid could very well have been the cause of death. Cultures were replicated in order to experiment on various subjects. It appears that the prion has absolutely no effect on most forms of life, simply entering a state of hibernation until transmitted to a human host.  Preliminary tests indicate that once infected with the prion, victims undergo the following phases.


0 – 12 Hours: Victim will notice few if any symptoms. These may include fever, sweating, dilation of the pupils, and vomiting.

12 – 24 Hours: Victim will begin to notice increased onset of symptoms, ranging from severe restlessness to acute paranoia. Subjects were noted to refuse any and all food offered to them, often violently attacking attending staff and attempting to [REDACTED].

24+ Hours: [REDACTED]



On 10/16/20██, security staff responded to a report that there was an intruder located in the morgue. First response teams arrived on the scene to find [REDACTED]. Casualties were recorded at ██ security staff members and █ research staff that were still within the building. All remains were incinerated with extreme prejudice.



Further analysis of the prion and ensuing infection have revealed that the main vector of infection is the bodily fluid of the infected. Most commonly this involves saliva entering a new victim from bite wounds inflicted by the infected. Once infected, there appears to be no way to reverse the progression to the final phase outside of early termination, and even then the infected must be left in a state which prohibits any and all mental activity, the most effective method found to date being incineration. It is currently theorized that an outbreak of this infection would be catastrophic if not responded to immediately.

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