A boy goes in his room at 9 PM
He says his prayers and rests upon the sheets
His eyes close as he floats away in dreams
They open as the clock strikes 12 AM
He feels a sense of panic in his soul
He gets up to go walk and clear his mind
He stops dead in his tracks his face now pale
The door in which he entered is not there
The wall continues right on past the frame
The boy bangs on the wall three times and more
Nobody comes to save him from this room
Eventually he stops hands drenched in blood
Time does not exist within the room
The clock is stuck at 12 but never strikes
The body stuck at 12 but mind still aged
He never urinates or sleeps or eats
He simply sits and stares into the wall
Time is gone but madness settles in
But then one day as if it all a dream
The door appears; the boy runs out and cries
He hops into his parents bed and weeps
A nightmare was all you have seen they claim
The boy knows better than to trust in this
He’s older than them now and wiser too
Eternal soul trapped in a younger boy
To carry on the weight of what they’d seen
To never sleep again

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