Explanation Post – Seeking, Wondering, Reflecting

     A common theme explored throughout Frankenstein is the concept of creator versus creation. Frankenstein sees the creature as an abomination of nature (and his original intentions) while the creature sees Frankenstein as having abandoned him in a world that fears and rejects him. I took this theme and, in an attempt to empathize further with the creature, applied it to my personal views on God and religion. The poem takes place in a Catholic Church.
     The first 3 lines are about me looking at my reflection in a pool of holy water and contemplating my increasing moral dissonance from the values of Catholicism.
     In the next 3 lines, I look at a crucifix as my thoughts shift toward the figure of Christ and his true feelings toward God asking him to sacrifice his own life.
     The next 3 lines show me looking at the parishioners and reflecting on the true intentions of their religious practices.
     I turn to look at the Eucharist in the next 3 lines and seek to justify the balance between the good and evil God has allows into life.
     The last 3 lines conclude the poem by questioning the existence of God and pointing out the danger of not questioning what you’ve been told to believe.
     My intention to empathize further with the creature was successful. I understand his anger and confusion toward the intentions of his creator as I have experienced similar struggles myself. The creature’s views toward Frankenstein reflect the millennium old struggle between humans and “God.”

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