Gerald’s Garden – An Explanation

I was inspired to write this piece by many different aspects in Frankenstein. The titular Garden came about in my head after reading all the beautiful descriptions of nature in the novel. I tried to capture in my opening paragraphs a small sense of Romanticism and their love of nature. The other idea that inspired me was the idea of creation. In Frankenstein Victor is often referred to as the creator of his creature and while at first he can’t wait to be seen as a creator and worshiped by this thing that should rightfully call him God, he eventually is terrified by his creation and curses himself for ever having brought it to this Earth. I wanted to play with creation in this story through Gerald and his wife being unable to have children and Gerald seeing himself as the creator of this Garden. Just like Mary Shelley I tried to skim over the “science” of what was actually happening in the story but I was inspired by reading reports over DNA splicing and fertility treatments.

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