Look at me! – Explanation Post

Frankenstein’s monster is a very relatable character and I wanted to write a poem containing only questions about the monster’s creation, except for the last line, which is a command to Victor. Humanity always asks questions about the purpose of their existence and the meaning of life and I believe Shelley was mirroring this in her book. While reading Frankenstein, I felt as if this story could have been an epic poem about the rise and fall of a man who accomplished a remarkable feat but allowed the feat to consume him and all those closest to him. I really loved the idea of converting this to poetry that I decided to do this myself. I also wrote about my favorite part of the book, which is when Victor and his monster speak to each other for the first time. These moments of them together are so powerful that I wanted to sum them up in a small poem. The monster has only questions and wants acceptance from those around him. But don’t we all?

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