The Sapling

In the center of the garden

grew a sapling, never after forgotten.

Summers came, and Winters passed,

through many years this tree did last.

Its roots grew deeper and entangled

roots of trees no longer able

to bear fruit of ample sweetness

to attract one’s tongue to witness.

The old trees spread this malady

through their roots to the young sapling.

As those old trees withered down,

the young tree’s branches were abound

with the blossoms that preceded

the growth of apples, unimpeded.

Though the fruits appeared so red,

the inside filled each taster with dread.

There was no sweetness, only a bitter,

toxic, and pernicious flavor.

Worse than the flavor, was the sight

of fruit’s flesh that was black as night.

Though promising this sapling was,

its fruit has broken nature’s laws.

No more seasons came to pass

before the sapling was replaced by grass.

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