In Sheep’s Clothes – Explanation

“In Sheep’s Clothes” was inspired by Emily Carroll’s style, specifically from “His Face All Red” and “Margot’s Room”. The idea of a narrator who can’t quite be trusted, who may know a horrible truth or simply be out of their mind. This idea is seen throughout Emily’s works, notably in “Margot’s Room” as the mother sees her husband as some sort of monster. However, it is left to the reader to decide whether or not they believe that he is truly the beast depicted or if the narrator has simply succumbed to grief and madness. The idea of a town thrown into chaos at the hands of a “beast” is inspired by “His Face All Red”. The writing style in general, most obviously the heavy use of repetition and shorter sentences, is also inspired by Emily and her work. The hope was to progressively instill a sense of dread into the reader as they see the narrator’s supposed insanity and his descent into madness as he begins his hunt of the “beast”.

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